Regal Shilohs Puppy Application

Thank you for your interest in a Shiloh Shepherd puppy from Regal Shilohs. In order to meet our initial requirements, you must:

This form is a Puppy Application -- not an agreement to purchase a puppy. Your completed application will provide the information we need to eventually select the best puppy for you, one who will fit in well with your family, lifestyle and expectations. The completion of this application is the first step for us to get to know you, because as your breeder we will be working together very closely over the coming months and years.

Please complete this Puppy Application in full.


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Section 5

How did you find Regal Shilohs? Eg. a specific magazine, online, word of mouth, etc...

Where and when did you discover the Shiloh Shepherd breed?

Why have you decided upon a Shiloh Shepherd puppy?

Do you agree to comply with the required health testing once your dog has reached the age of two?


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